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Do you have Cakes and Treats ready to go?

Our Gourmet Biscuits, Treats and Cakes are always freshly prepared just for your pets.

We do not have any pre-made or on-hand products available at any time.

Advance ordering is required.

We cannot accommodate same day requests/orders for our Cakes and Treats.

Biscuits, Treats and Ice Creams should be ordered 1-2 weeks in advance.

Birthday Cakes should be ordered 1-2 months in advance.

How long will my order take?

Our artisan style of baking is quite labor intensive.  

We bake our Biscuits and Treats in small handcrafted batches, therefore your order may take 1-2 weeks to fully process.

We always recommend checking with us regarding our availability before placing your order.


What is the shelf life of the Biscuits & Treats?

Biscuits and Treats are shelf stable and should be consumed within 6-8 weeks of purchase for optimum freshness.

Our treats are preservative free, we recommend storage in a cool dry setting.


How, when & where can I get a cake? How long do they last?

Birthday Cakes and Cup Cakes can only be ordered via our online shop

Advance booking is always required our as our cake schedule typically fills up 1-2 months in advance. 

We highly recommend checking with us regarding our availability before placing your order.

We will try our best to accommodate short notice requests but this is not always possible.

Cakes and Cup Cakes will stay fresh for a few days on the counter or in the fridge, any leftovers can be frozen. 

Where are you located?

Planet Pup is an online bakery only. We are located in Windsor Park.

We have the distinction of being Winnipeg's first online bakery catering just to dogs.

Shipping Cakes and Treats out of the city or province is currently not available at this time.

Welcome to our Q & A section.

Here you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products.

We are always happy to answer any questions regarding our products.

Woof Us at or via our contact form on the home page.

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