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Ancient Grain & Grain Free Flours

*Sprouted Spelt Flour - Ancient Grain

*Coconut Flour - Fair Trade - Grain Free

*Sprouted Buckwheat Flour - Grain Free

*Quinoa Flour - Grain Free

 Chickpea Flour - Grain Free


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables







*Sweet Potato




 Bosc Pear


Meat & Eggs

Manitoba Bison 

Manitoba Elk 

Manitoba Grass Fed Beef 

Manitoba Chicken Breast

Wild Pacific Salmon

New Zealand Spring Lamb

Applewood Smoked Bacon



Manitoba Omega 3 Eggs 



Aged Cheddar Cheese 

Smoked Gouda 

Danish Blue Cheese

Goat Cheese

Asiago Cheese


Fresh Herbs, Spices & Oils





*Ceylon Cinnamon 

*Sunflower Oil

*Virgin Coconut Oil - Cold Pressed

*Manitoba Hemp



 Coconut Milk 

*Maple Syrup


*Blackstrap Molasses

*Blue Agave Syrup

*Evaporated Cane Juice

 Manitoba Spring Water 


*Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

*Peanut Butter

*Flax Gel

 Greek Yogurt Wafers

 Carob Wafers



*Organic Ingredients




Our Ingredients

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